Cleaning Tips

Items Needed:

=C.L.R "Calcium, Lime, Rust" (sold at most stores)

=Spray Bottle

=Soft Scrub Brush

=Rubber Gloves

=Five Gallon Bucket of Clean Water

The best way the clean any color of headstone is purchases C.L.R. and in a spray bottle mix 1 part C.L.R and 4 Parts water.

Spray the entire headstone and use a soft brush to scrub the headstone.

Final step is to take the five gallon bucket of water and rinse the headstone completely.

If headstone is really dirty, we do offer a cleaning brick that works great.  (see video)

*Please note: Most water at the cemeteries is secondary water, which will leave spots on the headstone.  We suggest filling your bucket at home and getting a lid to transport. 

Instruction Video

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