Additional Services

Headstone Re-Leveling

Many things can causes a headstone to become un-level Ground Setteling, Over watering, broken waterline, vandalism, animal, ect.... No matter what the cause, we can re-level the stone and fill in around it if needed.


Final Date

If you loved one already has a headstone in place and is just needing the final date added, give us a call.  We can add dates or additional lettering it any stone, even if it was purchased elsewhere.


Concrete Repair

If the foundation of the headstone is cracked, we can pour a new foundation for your stone


After years of weather and the elements, the paint can begin to fade making the lettering hard to read.  In most cases, we will remove the stone and bring it to our shop to clean and repaint all the lettering and fine details.  It will look new again.


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